“Peter” lives on the shores of Eastney, on a boat, has done for many years, alongside his furry dog friend. Unfortunately the boat is now very old and very leaky (Peter has to bail water out every high tide). So therefore really isn’t suitable for living in any longer. It’s turned over several times in bad weather.

Peter has been offered a second-hand yacht, in good condition, with no leaks and perfectly suitable for his living requirements, but of course this comes at a cost. The yacht is going to cost £1,000 (please see picture of the yacht) and so far Peter has raised £300 towards the cost……but we need EVERYONES HELP to get to the target of £1,000.

To give just head to:

This vessel will give Peter and his dog much more space to live and protection from the elements. As you can see from the photo it sits on a stable keel and the hull is well clear of the beach!

Can you help us this week with a donation towards a new home for Peter?? Every single pound counts Please share share share, its so helpful

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