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Click to Donate to the LifeHouse Homeless Drop-in

Click to Donate to the LifeHouse Homeless Drop-in

We are always looking for support and sometimes practical support and volunteers. If there is a time we don’t do keep in touch because, in the future, we would love to extend our opening hours. Contact June or Mike on 07800 933983 to find out how you could help.  We are so please that some of our volunteers include a number of folks who have recovered from addiction themselves and/or found accommodation.

We are always in need of fresh (butter, marg, milk, coffee, fruit, etc.) and non-perishable food to cook (squashes, tins, sauces, cereals, jams, marmalade, Marmite, etc.), as well as durable/waterproof clothes and sleeping bags to give out. At the moment shoes, coats and underwear is going very quickly to those in need.

As a charity are funded completely by donations. As well as extending the opening hours, we would like to improve and extend the services on offer by constantly improving what we do, reaching more folk in need and adding more services and further meals each week, a medical station, and an IT desk so that we can help our guests to fill in application forms online.

Please click on one of the icons above to donate on-line to the LifeHouse Homeless drop-in and Soup Kitchen.  The LifeHouse is operated by Portsmouth Vineyard LifeChurch which is a registered charity.  All donations to the LifeHouse are treated as restricted funds within the charity and go straight into an entirely separate CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) bank account and can only be used for ongoing work of The LifeHouse.