Welcome to the LifeHouse!

The LifeHouse is a resource, support centre and kitchen that serves hot food in Albert Road, Southsea.  We aim to target immediate needs and issues surrounding homelessness and addiction for those in need in Southsea and Portsmouth. Many in our city are facing desperate situations, but whatever the circumstances, our aim is to show that there is

Services – we currently provide

Basic Needs during the Health Crisis: Friendly Food Kitchen: Every Thursday 6pm – 8pm for a nutritious, hot dinner takeaway usually with tasty pudding – plus food parcel if there are donations available. Wednesday mornings  9am – 11.30am offering breakfasts/hot brunch takeaways – again with food bag if stock available! When we are back to

Emergency Support

Please help us cater for more in this time of crisis!  Extra funding will buy nutritious food, supplies and running costs.  Click to donate –         The LifeHouse Food Kitchen for the Homeless has been working extra toprovide more takeaway meal bags (with extra goodies like “for later in the day sandwiches”, fruit, chocolate, frozen second meal,

Duke of Buckingham – top quality meals for the isolated!

The amazing The Duke of Buckingham Pub, Hotel and Event Catering Services supplied 50 meals to the city’s most vulnerable people tonight. We can’t thank you enough, truly! The Duke of Buckingham are at 119, The, High St, Portsmouth PO1 2HW and on http://www.shcaterers.com/ Andrew and Fiona, the Landlords, seen here deliver cases of a


THANK YOU to Mo (Maurice) Twell for the most exceptionally generous donations from his prize-winning, traditional, family butcher’s shop in Portchester High Street. Each month Mo donates many meat products which help us maintain the huge quantity of tasty, hot brunches and dinners we turn out to the Homeless and Underhoused 2-3 times a week;


THANKS to our wonderful supporters for your donations to be able to purchase a huge 519 litre chest freezer. We are receiving more fresh and cooked food donations and had needed to increase our freezer storage to make the most of these. This is a good investment which will get continual use of the years

Brilliant donation from BAPS Temple, Havant

Huge thanks to the Mr Patel and all those at the BAPS Temple, Havant. They’ve generously given us a large donation of groceries and supplies to help make meals at this critical time for so many vulnerable people. They had a big collection and went out a did a mass shop for us which helps

Easter come early this year….

Langstone Junior Academy have gifted the LifeHouse guests 235 easter eggs that would have gone to pupils! A huge thank you to Natasha and all her staff! You can see what they do and offer on: https://langstone-jun.portsmouth.s   ch.uk/

Takeaways – adapting to the crisis!

We have been adapting to the current health crisis by not opening to the public at all but instead serving hot takeaways and supplies over the doorstep to our property! Today we did an impromptu lunch and served a take-away bag with hot meat dish, hot sausage roll, hot baked beans, cold meat dish for

Thanks so much to Watkins & Faux

Thanks so much to Watkins & Faux, Southsea Tennis Club for their large, generous donations today (see www.watkinsandfaux.co.uk)! Pete and Mike collected a large pile of veg, eggs, sauces, milk, etc from their Manager, Tilly, at Southsea Tennis Club on Clarence Esplanade as they closed for the time being. We wish them all the very

Selfless Generosity

We are so grateful to Leanne and the Team at the Tenth Hole for their massive donations today (see https://www.thetenthhole.co.uk/)! We are so sad to hear that their famous and wonderful establishment has had to close for the time being today because of current events but they have thought of others in need and donated